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*ESCAPE messages for SAVLIB

We have received MONMSG for CPF3795 in every SAVLIB running in our CL program: https://ecurep.mainz.de.ibm.com/rest/download/28061%2C100%2C838/2018-04- 06/28061.100.838.S...



Request about Printing forms with ruled line on ACS.

■Description & Background On IBM i Access for Windows or Pcomm,it is possible to output forms to the printer by a GDI printing capability of a windows printer session. But that is not possible on ACS....



SQL prompting in ACS

The new SQL tool in ACS make so much more sense than the old STRSQL - however, the prompt feature from the STRSQL where schemas, tables, columns can be selected from drop-down to construct SQL statem...



DB2 service for IFS listing

I'd like to be able to get a list of IFS files within a directory using a DB2 service. For example, to get the root directory: SELECT * FROM TABLE(QSYS2.GET_IFS('/')) A Which would return a list of s...



Enhance the interface for Run SQL Script in IBM i ACS

I would like to see the Run SQL Script interface support "." dot prompting for columns with descriptions, types and length. For example when typing in a select statement the user would use an alias s...



New built-in function %SPLIT.

The new built-in function %SPLIT can be used to extract an array of elements from a source string.



Allow use of RPG constants in embedded SQL

When a constant is defined in RPG, allow that constant to be used in embedded SQL statements so that the value of the constant does not have to be hard coded in the SQL statement. Allow the constant t...



For RPG extend array capabilities

Extend arrays and data-structure arrays to be really dynamic without having to use base pointer and memory allocation. Without having to give number of max elements in dim(), e.g. dim(*varying) or d...



Provide an %UPPER and %LOWER bif

It would be helpful to have an easier and more robust way to change the case of characters from upper to lower or lower to upper. The current method is to use the %XLATE function, but the usual way t...



Develop Visual Studio Code Extension for RPG

Visual studio code is one of the most code editor used all around the world. What I want is an extension for Visual Studio Code to use it as RPG Editor. You could implement one of this extension: htt...

Uncommitted Candidate


Provide %InList Built In Function

Provide a new BIF %InList() or %OrList() to check if a variable's value exit in list.



F8 to recall commands like F9 does on 5250 Command line but in the opposite...

This is a really simple request, one so basic I'm almost embarrassed to ask but it has been irritating me now for over 30 years so please bear with me ;-) I believe that from day one of OS/400 you hav...



ODBC driver for MAC Os in iAccess Client Solution

Various customers ask us for the availibility of a ODBC driver to connect to Ibm i from a MacOs environment.



Port Go Language

Port the Go language(n1) to IBM i PASE. n1 - https://golang.org/



Enable RPG compiler to take DSPF and PRTF definition from open format like ...

RPG is the main programming language used on the IBM i platform. It is well integrated with DB2, it is ILE, open with Open Access and has been modernized. It could be a first citizen language for clou...


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