The status of a request depends on:

  • Where the request is in our development lifecycle
  • Whether we are still considering the request
  • Whether we have approved it and plan to deliver it
  • Whether we have declined it
To determine the status of a request, use the following definitions:

Submitted: The request submitter will automatically be notified by email when the request has been submitted. IBM has not yet evaluated this request and plans to provide an update within 30 days of submission.

Under Consideration: The IBM team is evaluating this request. A decision or request for more information will be provided within 90 days.

Planned for Future Release: This request is a candidate for a future generally available (GA) release. IBM's statements regarding its plans, directions, and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice at IBM's sole discretion. IBM will update this request to reflect any changes.

Delivered: This request has been delivered into a previously released version of the product, or imminently in the next available release.

Uncommitted Candidate: This request may not be delivered within the release currently under development, but the theme is aligned with the current multi-year strategy. IBM may consider and evaluate any RFE Community feedback for this request through activities such as voting. IBM will update this request in the future.

Declined: IBM has evaluated the request, and has determined that it can not be implemented at this time or does not align with the current multi-year strategy. This request may be resubmitted for consideration after 12 months from the date of decline. The request submitter will automatically be notified by email when the request qualifies for reconsideration and resubmission.

Need More Information: The request submitter will automatically be notified by email when the request requires additional information. IBM is requesting more information from the submitter before the evaluation of the request can be completed. This request will remain open in this status for 30 days, but if the submitter doesn't respond, the request may be closed with status of 'Information Not Provided' (see definition).

Information Provided: The submitter has provided additional information, to assist IBM in evaluating the request.

Information Not Provided: IBM had previously requested more clarifying information. Because the additional information was not provided within 30 days, the request has been closed.

Is a Defect: IBM has identified this as a defect requiring a code change to resolve. Please contact the appropriate customer support team to report this problem. The request has been closed.

Targeted for Open Source Code: IBM has determined this feature would need to be developed within the Open Source Community and further tracking of the request should be done in the applicable system (i.e. Bugzilla or other).

Duplicate: IBM has identified the request as a duplicate of another request already posted to this community. Please refer to the linked "duplicate of" request record for information on this request.