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More complete C++11 support in xlC

PMR 59710 300 624 showed that the support for the standard C++ library, C++11 level, is incomplete. Please speed up the work on that. In particular, unique_ptr is not present in the standard library,...

Uncommitted Candidate


Inefficient store/load of immediate before inline __asm

Inefficient store/load of immediate before inline __asm Optimization concern after function inlining of function with inline ASM. The 'abend(1000)' call in mainz() looks good: LGHI 1,1000...



Exception Object Enhance

Exception handle is an important mechanism to help programmers debug their programs. Many of the literature books mention the use of this mechanism to increase the quality of the application. Although...



z/OS XL C/C++ allow GENASM and __asm without using METAL C

Separate GENASM and METAL C/C++ compiler options and allow calling of operating system services directly from a non-METAL C/C++ program using __asm language extension.

Need More Information


Insufficient inlining for function pointers

The compiler is currently unable to inline a function that is passed to another function as a function pointer parameter. As a result trivial functions may not be inlined when called using a function...



Reliable indicator of AMODE in F7SA chain

When using Metal C, calling an ASCmode=AR function creates an ambiguous F7SA save area (in the DSA chain). The AMODE is switched BEFORE the call (BASR) is executed, and restored AFTER the return, so t...


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