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Note: IBM Platform Computing portfolio rebranded as IBM Spectrum Computing

In June 2016, IBM Platform Computing products were rebranded under a new portfolio name: IBM Spectrum Computing. This new portfolio includes IBM Spectrum Conductor, IBM Spectrum LSF, IBM Spectrum Symphony, and all associated offerings and add-ons related to each of the listed product families. If you are searching for your Platform Computing product and cannot find it, you may wish to change your filter criteria to reflect the new naming structure.

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refresh content by fflush()

In C/C++ Programin Guide, under the title “Buffering of C Streams” It is stated:
If you are reading a record that another user is writing to at the same time, you can see the new data if you call fflu...



Exception Object Enhance

Exception handle is an important mechanism to help programmers debug their programs. Many of the literature books mention the use of this mechanism to increase the quality of the application. Although...


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