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Note: IBM Platform Computing portfolio rebranded as IBM Spectrum Computing

In June 2016, IBM Platform Computing products were rebranded under a new portfolio name: IBM Spectrum Computing. This new portfolio includes IBM Spectrum Conductor, IBM Spectrum LSF, IBM Spectrum Symphony, and all associated offerings and add-ons related to each of the listed product families. If you are searching for your Platform Computing product and cannot find it, you may wish to change your filter criteria to reflect the new naming structure.

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short int as a bitfield in XL C and XL C++

This request is for short int types as bitfields in a struct.    There doesn't appear to be a specific standard requirement to include the short datatype as a potential bitfield value, however C and C++...

Under Consideration


#line directive causing source to not be intermixed in ASM listing

Sometimes C source code is embedded within generated pseudo assembly listings via the LIST option, like:

00012E    50D0    E004                000008 |                                  ST              r13,4(,r14)
000132    18DE                    ...

Under Consideration

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