Developing and deploying Aspects in a Model-Driven Development environment, Part 1: How to package an Aspect for MDD

How to develop and deploy a simple AspectJ-based architectural mechanism for use with IBM Rational Software Architect

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Eoin Lane and Jim Conallen

Date archived: May 13, 2019 | First published: June 13, 2006

This tutorial discusses the details involved in creating an AspectJ-based library that can be introduced into an IBM Rational Software Architect Model-Driven Development project. This tutorial does not introduce AspectJ programming, but rather describes in detail how an existing AspectJ library can be packaged, deployed and used in Rational Software Architect. It also discusses configuration options that can be used to provide additional customization at the model element level. Finally this tutorial discusses localization and categorization options as well as introduce user documentation options such as the online help and cheat sheets.

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ArticleTitle=Developing and deploying Aspects in a Model-Driven Development environment: Part 1: How to package an Aspect for MDD