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Installing, configuring, and migrating



Troubleshooting and support



More resources

Find additional education and other product resources.

Rational Application Developer on developerWorks: Technical resources and best practices for Rational Application Developer, including articles and tutorials.

Online help for Rational Application Developer: Conceptual, procedural, and reference information for Rational Application Developer and other Rational products that run on Eclipse.

Forums and communities: Online discussions, newsletters, user groups, and other resources with the collective knowledge of Rational developers and users.

Glossary: Terms used in the Rational Application Developer product and documentation.

Language reference: Custom tag libraries that you can incorporate when you create a new web project.

APIs: API reference information for advanced EJB tool development, J2EE tool development, XML and SQL classes and functions, and automated component testing.

APIs for Crystal Reports: Using the Java Reporting Component, Viewer Java, and Crystal Enterprise JSF classes to process reports for viewing and exporting.

Web services Description Language (WSDL) reference: Services as collections of network endpoints, or ports.

UML visual development reference: Learn more about the UML modeling benefits and best practices, the mapping between Enterprise JavaBeans enterprise beans or elements and UML elements, and the mapping between data objects and UML elements.

Keyboard shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts that you can use in the product.