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Manjula Sogi teaches you how to use Rational Test Virtualization Server, Rational Test Workbench and Rational Quality Manager together to test a mobile application end-to-end.

This guide for enterprise teams working on mobile applications explains the IBM approach to mobile application development, which exploits existing information and transaction systems for maximum speed to market and reuse of services

This article explores how agile development, continuous integration (CI), and test-driven development (TDD) techniques can be employed in embedded software development. When applied as part of an architecture-based approach, these combined practices provide both high quality and project flexibility.

Learn what service virtualization is really all about.

Learn when and where you can realize the benefits of service virtualization.

Today's complex applications provide a constant challenge for companies to balance the level of quality while ensuring rapid time to market. Development teams are delivering applications faster which is driving the need for change in the world of testing. This session will delve into these pressures and discuss the impact that service virtualization and continuous integration testing can have to improve quality, remove unnecessary costs, and reduce project risk.

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