Integrate IBM Rational ClearCase with Cadence Design Framework II

The advent of ClearCase in electronic design and automation domain

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Alok K. Singh, Ragini A. Ravishankar, and Vishal Anand

Date archived: May 14, 2019 | First published: January 10, 2012

Integration of the IBM Rational ClearCase configuration management tool with Cadence Design Framework II software for electronics design and automation (EDA) enables custom chip designers to perform ClearCase actions while in the Cadence toolset. This makes parallel development, co-development, and co-management of hardware and software domains and artifacts possible. Having common SCM tools for hardware and software development results in more flexibility in system integration and offers several other advantages. This article describes those advantages and some of the important features of the ClearCase-Cadence integration.

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ArticleTitle=Integrate IBM Rational ClearCase with Cadence Design Framework II