Faster processing of numerous test data parameters for performance tests

Use OS memory with Rational Performance Tester to process parameters at run time

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Bharath Keshavamurthy

Date archived: December 20, 2016 | First published: July 12, 2011

With the increase in use of the IBM Rational Performance Tester tool for performance testing of diversified protocols and large-volume load simulations, one of the major challenges is in setting parameters for the test data at run time. This is primarily because of the volume of test data involved, both in terms of the number of types of test data and the amount of test data involved for each type. The amount of data often spans to millions of rows. Reading that data at run time involves very intensive I/O activity. This article describes ways to optimize test data parameters to for lower use of operating system resources and to drive more loads through the testing software. This leads to successful performance tests even with large volumes of test data and request generation activities.

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ArticleTitle=Faster processing of numerous test data parameters for performance tests