Configure DOORS and Rational Team Concert for globally distributed workers

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Aggie Tang, Sharon Chen, and Yu Qin Dong

Date archived: December 20, 2016 | First published: August 07, 2012

Rational DOORS is a widely recognized requirements management and traceability application for complex systems and software development. It can be integrated with Rational Team Concert to provide a comprehensive requirements management and collaborative change management working environment to use throughout the product development lifecycle. But imagine that the requirements analyst uses DOORS to establish the requirements in Australia, the business analysts enter stakeholder requests through DOORS Web Access in Japan to establish critical attributes values, the systems engineers develop requirements and create traceability from the UK, and the development and QA teams are in India. Plus, you might not have your servers installed in one place. This article explains how to set up servers and computers globally and provides examples. Readers can follow the sequential configurations to configure their own working environments. Prerequisites: Instructions in this article are based on the assumption that readers have an intermediate knowledge of both Rational Team Concert and Rational DOORS.

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ArticleTitle=Configure DOORS and Rational Team Concert for globally distributed workers