Develop a CICS Java-based Axis2 web service

A meet-in-the-middle approach to services development

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Amy M. Silberbauer

Date archived: May 17, 2019 | First published: December 18, 2012

IBM CICS Version 4.2 introduced support for Java-based Axis2 web services, which enables services to be developed in Java and supported through an Axis2 pipeline to interface with CICS COBOL applications. Amy Silberbauer provides an alternative for web services development when starting with complex service definitions in WSDL, using Rational tools. She focuses on a meet-in-the-middle approach, whereby services interfaces are generated from the WSDL, and services implementation remains in the CICS COBOL business applications. This provides a complete, multiplatform solution to services development.

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ArticleTitle=Develop a CICS Java-based Axis2 web service