Back up Rational software user data for quick disaster recovery

How to configure peer-to-peer replication with Rational Directory Server (Tivoli Variant)

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Pranab Agarwal

Date archived: May 17, 2019 | First published: March 12, 2013

Currently, there is no supported way to plan for disaster recovery for IBM® Rational® software that uses Rational Directory Server. Therefore, administrators of Rational® DOORS®, Rational Change, Rational Synergy, and other Rational products that rely on the directory server always fear losing user data, such as rights, roles, preference settings, and so forth. Pranab Agarwal explains how to use peer-to-peer replication to back up that user data. This method also ensures that turnaround time to recover from a failure is very short, which helps in disaster recovery planning.

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ArticleTitle=Back up Rational software user data for quick disaster recovery