Dynamic compilation and performance measurement

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Figure 4. A hybrid test automation framework
hybrid framework flow

A box sits at the top of the figure labled Test Case Script: Combine, record and playback different levels of scripts, library calls , and test data from datapools to implement powerful test cases that are easier to maintain and more robust. A bracket underneath this Test Case Script box shows that it relates to everythig else underneath it, governing the whole process described.

Two process paths both culminate in a central box titled Library File. Inside this box are two other boxes: Library Function and Library Procedure.

Left and right process paths indicate they lead into both of these interior boxes.

Left process shows a box marked Script flowing down with arrows into two other boxes, both labled as Script. Text to the side states: Cascade scripts to represent levels of abstraction from the applicable under test. This process is bracketed to show the next step: Break out test code for functions in the AUT and create library files to help modularize the framework. Double arrows from this step lead to both of the Library Function and Library Procedure boxes identified earlier.

The right process starts at an information icon marked Datapools.. The next step indicates a flow both to and from the Library Fileby an inteface marked: Interface to datapools using predefined function and procedure calls.

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