Synch Microsoft Windows NT users and IBM Rational ClearQuest user DB

A sample hook for users of IBM Rational ClearQuest.

29 June 2005

A sample hook for users of IBM® Rational® ClearQuest®.

This item was originally published in August 2003 and refers to Rational ClearQuest v. 2.0.

NOTE: This hook is presented only as an example of how to customize your use of IBM Rational ClearQuest. It has not been formally tested and is not supported by IBM.


This script, submitted by a ClearQuest user, is designed to synchronize the ClearQuest user database with NT users. To use it, you need to be running on an NT machine logged into the domain of interest (but it does not need to be the primary domain controller). You will also need an activestate Perl installed on the NT box, and the Win32::AdminMisc and Win32::NetAdmin modules installed (once you have Perl installed, you can do:

  • ppm install Win32::AdminMisc and
  • ppm install Win32::NetAdmin

from the command line to install them. Then, you need to edit the script to set the admin password in the call to $adsession->Logon and modify the cqspecial and known_alias hashes to list the CQ-specific logins you have and the NT accounts known to be aliases that do not have the ALIAS: tag in the NT user database comment field.

Script Language: Perl

ClearQuest Version: 2

Submitter: Peter A. Vogel at


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SummaryTitle=Synch Microsoft Windows NT users and IBM Rational ClearQuest user DB