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Robin: Welcome to a special developerWorks podcast in which we'll examine highlights of Innovate 2012, the premier conference for software and systems innovation.

I'm Robin Wood with IBM. In this Innovate podcast, I'm talking with Rich Knaster. Today, we'll be focusing on just 11 reasons why a developer will benefit from attending this year's conference.

Hi Rich, how are you today?

Rich: I'm great, Robin, how are you doing?

Robin: Great, thanks. Can you tell me what is different about Innovate this year?

Rich: This year, we are putting a much bigger focus on practitioners, like developers.

We have a new "Direct from the Jazz Developers" track where our software engineers and [IBM] Distinguished Engineers will talk about our products and solutions. There will be no fluff, no marketing, no hype -- just the expertise of a world-class, globally distributed, development team.

People will also get to hang with our developers at the Developers' Café to get the inside scoop on Rational products and learn about tools and techniques for building innovative software.

Robin: So what kind of talks will be in the new Direct from the Jazz Developers track?

Rich: Well, we'll have people like John Camelon, who is our Jazz architect. He'll speak about The Jazz source control system and [about] systems development using the advanced capabilities of Rational Team Concert.

Kai-Maetzel, another Distinguished Engineer, will talk about mastering agile planning and using RTC in large enterprises.
Another example is George DeCandio, who is also a Distinguished Engineer. He will talk about requirements management for system engineers.

Robin: Wow! Those are some great people who will be talking. What else can we expect?

Rich: I'm really excited about having some of the Industry's agile and lean [development] rock stars at the conference.

Robin: Can you tell me who?

Rich: Hmm, I don't know.

Robin: Oh come on Rich, it will be our secret.

Rich: OK, for you, Robin: Mary Poppendieck, Scott Ambler, Elizabeth Woodward Alan Brown, Walker Royce, Per Kroll, Bruce Douglass, and more.

Robin: Wow, you really do have some of the rock stars! So is IBM putting a much greater emphasis on agile and lean development at the conference this year?

Rich: Absolutely. This year, our attendees will be able to choose from more than 50 sessions on a variety of agile topics, including effective adoption, scaling agile, avoiding agile pitfalls, mobile development with agile, and much more. They'll be able to gain insights from other companies that are having success with agile practices on their projects.

Robin: Now Rich, this all sounds great, but will you have anything to help people who don't have agile skills or knowledge?

Rich: Great question, Robin. We will have a pre-conference class on agile Certified Scrum Master training. It's a great way to get started, and you will get certified, which will help your chances of being selected to start on an agile project within your organization. And there are plenty of beginner sessions on agile throughout the week, like Agile for Dummies, based on a book that IBM will be releasing at the conference.

Robin: Will you have sessions on agile tools?

Rich: Yes, of course! We will have many sessions on how to use one of the best agile planning tools on the market: Rational Team Concert. In fact, almost every track will contain stuff about agile.
And on the exhibit floor [you'll find a booth for] our new Agile Transformation section on developerWorks, where you can get personalized advice from our agile experts to help your organization adopt agile practices and successfully modify them for more complex environments. Also, visit the Coaches' Corner to get real-time advice and answers to your questions about agile methods.

Robin: Wow, that sounds great -- especially the Coaches' Corner. What else is new?

Rich: We will have an expanded Integration center.

Robin: What's that?

Rich: This is a place on the exhibit floor where you can get real-time demos to experience live scenarios of a huge variety of tools, from Rational's own offerings, to other IBM brand software, to other companies' tools, to open source. There will be lots of great food and beer on the exhibit floor, too!

Robin: Food and beer on the exhibit floor, now that sounds great! We've talked a lot about the business end of the conference, what kind of fun things have you planned for developers?

Rich: Well, one of things that I hear that people like a lot about our conference is the opportunity to network and connect with over 4,000 professionals and experts like themselves. We will also be having Foreigner perform live and a trip to Sea World!
Another fun thing we will be doing is Code Camp.

Robin: Code Camp? What's that?

Rich: Well, that's where university students (that we're calling "Generation Next") will participate in a coding competition, under the scenario of a virtual race car. Come see who will go head-to-head at the finish line against the winning team from Generation Now.
Rich: Oh, I almost forgot: another fun thing will be the User Experience Zone.

Robin: Rich, the "User Experience Zone"? That sounds a little strange.

Rich: Well, not really, although, our user experience designers can sometimes be a bit strange. It's a place where developers can review our developer's tools and make suggestions to help IBM improve the usability and ease of use of our products.

Robin: Rich, thanks so much for sharing all of this great stuff. Is there anything else you wanted to cover?

Rich: Yes, thanks. The Innovate 2012 agenda will feature approximately 400 technical sessions in over 20 tracks. Topics range from Application Lifecycle Management, Design Development, Test and Deployment, Embedded Systems, Enterprise Architecture, to Security and an exciting announcement from our Green Hat acquisition.

Robin: That was Rational's Rich Knaster talking about the 11 reasons for developers to attend this year's Innovate conference. It definitely sounds like a conference not to miss.

To share this podcast with your colleagues, or if you're interested in more podcasts like this one, including the "Rational Talks to You" series, check the podcast page.

Be sure to check the Innovate 2012 home page today to get started. This has been an IBM podcast. I'm Robin Wood. Thanks for listening.


About Rich Knaster

photo of Rich KnasterRichard Knaster is the IBM Rational Worldwide Practice Manager for Agile Development and Collaborative Lifecycle Management. He helps customers all over the world implement agile methods, practices, and tools. Rich is a member of IBM's QSE Agile Leadership team, and he has more than 20 years of experience in software development, from practitioner to executive levels. He is also a contributor to the PMI Portfolio and Program Management standards and is an agile planning and portfolio management expert. Rich also has expertise in Business Process Engineering, Measured Improvement, and is a PMI PMP (certified project manager), a mix that proves valuable when helping organizations transition from traditional to modern development practices.

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