Template-based framework for BCL builds in Rational ClearCase z/OS extensions

A flexible approach for creating and organizing BCL scripts to automate builds

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Alberto Ortiz

Date archived: May 15, 2019 | First published: September 07, 2010

Generating Build Control Language (BCL) programs to automate builds with IBM® Rational® ClearCase® Extensions for the IBM® z/OS® mainframe operating system can become a complex configuration and customization task. In addition, administering and maintaining the BCL building programs might be daunting. The framework described in this article aims to separate the logic of the Perl scripts that interface with Rational ClearCase from the BCL creation for various types of compilations. The result of this development is a set of Perl scripts that can read a series of BCL templates that can drive a parameterized build. This means that the BCL programmer can focus on the BCL logic, rather than the Perl logic and syntax for embedding BCL statements in a Perl script.

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ArticleTitle=Template-based framework for BCL builds in Rational ClearCase z/OS extensions