Simplify GUI test automation by using a labor-saving design pattern

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Sandhya Anantharamiah

Date archived: December 20, 2016 | First published: October 05, 2010

Learn how you can employ a design pattern that helps automatically test your graphical user interfaces (GUIs) — by using the IBM® Rational® Functional Tester environment coupled with the IBM Corporation's automation test framework. This solution provides a simple architecture, offering a comprehensive set of functional tests for any GUI-based product, despite its underlying platform. The design pattern leverages pre-defined input XML files that describe the test case flow and the final expected output results. The tests can be deployed seamlessly to run on a variety of platforms, generating detailed trace and logs in the process. In order to provide a real world example of how this works, this article uses the IBM Database Add-Ins for the Microsoft® Visual Studio® product to supply examples about how design pattern for automation testing can be achieved.

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ArticleTitle=Simplify GUI test automation by using a labor-saving design pattern