How to port from IBM AIX to IBM z/OS

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Rajan Bhakta and Zach Zylawy

Date archived: May 15, 2019 | First published: August 17, 2010

This article discusses possible issues that you may encounter when you port XL C/C++ applications from the IBM® AIX® platform to the IBM® z/OS® platform. It also discuses ideas and suggestions for getting better performance for the application on the z/OS platform after the porting is completed.

Porting applications from one platform to another is not always a painless and seamless transition. Many issues can cause problems in the porting process. However, it is possible to reduce and alleviate these problems, and to make the porting process smoother and more error-free, especially with a plan.

After moving the application from one platform to another, the application should be tuned to get the maximum performance on the new platform. Usually, the new platform has features and restrictions that the old platform did not have. Tuning to the new platform can help bring benefits that were not present on the original platform, and take advantage of the new hardware.

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