IBM Enterprise Modernization for System z, Wrap existing COBOL programs as Web Services with IBM Rational Developer for System z

Extend value of existing enterprise software assets

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Reginaldo Barosa

Date archived: May 14, 2019 | First published: February 25, 2008

This tutorial shows how IBM Rational Developer for System z can help speed efficiency of traditional mainframe, Web development and composite applications. The new capabilities help customers reduce cost and risks of rewrites by reusing and integrating core application assets with Web services and modern user interfaces.

Service-based integration is the most-common approach to exposing the business functions buried in existing systems. You can tap into the business value in your current systems by using IBM Rational Developer for System z to craft modular components from existing code written in COBOL, PL/I or Java™, and by assembling and deploying services as part of an SOA. This can also position your IT for rapid future changes to the business model. In xx minutes this scenario will show you the steps of how to wrap existing CICS/IMS programs and transactions into business components and Web services. You will then deploy and test this as CICS Web Service on System z.

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