A glossary of terms for IBM Rational ClearCase use and administration.

This glossary includes terms and definitions for IBM Rational ClearCase.

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The combination of an operating system and hardware that makes up the operating environment in which a program runs. Any base of software technologies on which applications or services can be provided; for example, the Eclipse platform.


An object that contains configuration information, activities, and policies required to manage a development effort.

Project VOB (PVOB)

A versioned object base (VOB) that stores Unified Change Management (UCM) objects, such as projects, streams, activities, and change sets.



A request for information from a database based on specific conditions: for example, a request for a list of all customers in a customer table whose balances are greater than $1000.


A ClearCase operation that makes a development work area current with the set of versions represented by a more recent baseline in another stream, usually the project's integration stream or a feature-specific development stream.


An instance of a versioned object base (VOB) located at a particular site.


The removal from VOB and view storage directories of files that are no longer needed.

Snapshot view

A view that uses a local file system to access versions of elements.


An object that specifies configuration rules for a UCM view.


A monitor that specifies one or more standard programs or built-in actions to be executed whenever a certain ClearCase operation is performed.


An object that defines a data structure.

Unified Change Management

A process for organizing software development teams and their work products. Members of a project team use activities and components to organize their work.