Extending IBM Rational Functional Tester with Open Source Tools, Part 2: Database test automation

Scripting against SQuirreL SQL

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Daniel Gouveia

Date archived: May 14, 2019 | First published: December 26, 2007

The typical scenario to test the database side of your application is to perform some sort of insert or delete action within your application, and then verify that the database was properly updated. Because IBM® Rational® Functional Tester does not provide a native means to work with databases, SQuirreL SQL is a great tool to satisfy your database testing needs. It is an open-source tool written in Java™, which makes it an ideal candidate for Rational Functional Tester’s record and playback automation capabilities. Part 1 of this series showed you how to set up Rational Functional Tester, and this part will help you create and bundle scripts.

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ArticleTitle=Extending IBM Rational Functional Tester with Open Source Tools: Part 2: Database test automation