IBM Rational Extensions for SAP Applications

Get a set of project templates for Rational RequisitePro and Rational ClearQuest to facilitate capturing requirements and effectively managing lifecycle activities associated with SAP implementation, upgrade and integration projects.

25 November 2009

IBM Rational Extensions for SAP® Applications provides a set of project templates for IBM® Rational® RequisitePro® and IBM® Rational® ClearQuest® to facilitate capturing requirements and effectively managing lifecycle activities associated with SAP® implementation, upgrade and integration projects. Also note that IBM and SAP have signed a cooperative agreement to integrate key areas of the IBM Rational® software delivery platform with SAP's application lifecycle management solution. We're collaborating to help bring better visibility, control, and automation across the software supply chain to your SAP® and non-SAP systems. Learn more about this alliance collaboration


ERP deployments and traditional development projects face many of the same challenges in eliciting business requirements, managing scope-creep, managing change requests and tracking the fulfillment of these requirements and changes through the application lifecycle. The increasing move towards Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) and composite applications magnifies these challenges when different development styles are brought together. The IBM Rational Extensions for SAP® Applications allows you to bring proven best practices in software engineering to your SAP® development environment and extend the visibility and control over development activities across the full lifecycle of the SOA or composite application environment.

For more information on how IBM Rational RequisitePro, IBM Rational ClearQuest, IBM® Rational® Functional Tester, and IBM® Rational® Performance Tester all integrate into SAP and, together, provide consistent governance for requirements, change, and quality management, including defect and test management, please read the article IBM Rational Extensions for SAP applications: Application lifecycle management for consistent governance.

Upon registering, you will be able to download the following:

The Rational RequisitePro project template includes document templates and views that allow you to capture and manage business requirements and SAP® requirement gaps, and analyze requirements coverage and change impact using the requirements traceability features of Rational RequisitePro. Integration with Rational ClearQuest allows you to follow the implementation activities for these requirements through the development lifecycle.

The Rational ClearQuest database schema provides a set of records to facilitate governance of the SAP® implementation activities including Enhancement Requests, project Deliverables, SAP® Change Requests, and Defects. Change Requests can be linked to the SAP® Change and Transport System (SAP® CTS) extending Rational ClearQuest control to the development and promotion of SAP® changes across test and pre-production environments. The schema template can be extended with the Rational ClearQuest built-in Electronic Signature and Audit Trail packages to support regulatory or internal record-keeping requirements. For more details on these packages, refer to the IBM Rational ClearQuest AuditTrail & eSignature Packages User Guide. This information is also available in the Rational ClearQuest online documentation.

Platform support and dependencies

The initial version of this solution supports Rational ClearQuest clients and IBM® Rational® ClearQuest® Web running on a Microsoft Windows® platform. Rational ClearQuest version 2003.06.16 or higher is required.

The solution integration with the SAP® Transport Management System (TMS) requires that a licensed SAP® GUI client, or the corresponding SAP® GUI DLL, be installed on each Rational ClearQuest client that will interact with the SAP® system. The integration will work with SAP® GUI Client version 6.40 and higher.

Copyright and licensing information

Copyright ©IBM Corporation, 1987, 2007

SAP® is a registered trademark of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries.

Download instructions

The following instructions are also in the readme.txt file that is included in the zip file:

  1. Download the zip file.
  2. Extract the contents of the zip file to a temporary folder.
  3. Review the Installation and Configuration Guide located in the Documentation folder and follow the instructions to create a Rational RequisitePro project, and/or Rational ClearQuest user database environment.
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