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developerWorks chats: Scott Ambler and Per Kroll answer questions on how to succeed with Agility at Scale

Moderators: Scott Ambler (Practice Leader, Agile Development, IBM Rational Software) and Per Kroll (Development Manager, Rational Methods, IBM Rational Software)


About this chat
About the moderators

Scott Ambler and Per Kroll dispel the misconceptions around Agile Development and explain how you can incrementally adopt Agile practices.

About this chat

Date: April 13, 2007

Time: 1:00 p.m. Eastern time

Implementing Agile practices in small, co-located teams is pretty straightforward -- simple tools, close contact with team members, and minimal processes that are adapted on the fly. But if you’re looking to reap Agile benefits in a larger, more complex development environment, the path may not be so clear. Scott Ambler and Per Kroll discuss how you can tailor your Agile approach to meet the needs of each project, regardless of the size or complexity, and how you can incrementally adopt Agile practices.

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About the moderators

Scott W. Ambler is the Practice Leader for Agile Development at IBM. Scott works in the IBM Methods group developing process materials and travels the world helping clients understand and adopt the software processes that are right for them. Scott is an award-winning author of several books, including books focused on the Unified Process, Agile Software Development, the Unified Modeling Language, and CMM-based development. Scott is a regular speaker at international IT conferences and is a contributing editor with Dr. Dobb’s Journal.

Per Kroll is Development Manager for RUP and the IBM Rational Method Composer, and the project leader on the Eclipse Process Framework Project, an open source project centered on software practices. He is responsible for IBM Rational's strategy in the process area. Per has 20 years of software development experience in supply chain management, telecom, communications, and software product development. He is author of the books The Rational Unified Process Made Easy -- A Practitioner’s Guide (Kroll and Kruchten), and Agility and Discipline Made Easy -- Practices from OpenUP and RUP (Kroll and MacIsaac). Per is a frequent speaker at conferences and the author of numerous articles on software engineering.

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