IBM BladeCenter QS21 hardware performance glossary

Dual Cell/B.E. system performance numbers include latencies, throughputs, and optimization tips

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Peter Altevogt, Hans Boettiger, Tibor Kiss, and Zvonko Krnjajic

Date archived: June 19, 2017 | First published: May 06, 2008

Although there is extensive published data about the hardware performance features of a single Cell Broadband Engine™ (Cell/B.E.) processor (and about the performance of a multitude of applications ported to it), there is little on the specific hardware performance features of the IBM BladeCenter® QS21 using a coherent SMP node of two Cell/B.E processors as well as an elaborate IO subsystem. This glossary goes with the article "Evaluating IBM BladeCenter QS21 hardware performance." In that article, the authors close that gap by providing information about basic latencies, throughputs, and relative execution times for some key computational benchmark kernels, such as Linpack and SPEC2000. The article also delivers a basic architectural overview of the system. And, you can get tips on how to optimize application performance.

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