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Fedora 7
RHEL 5.1

To understand what to download, please read the information about SDK packages first. Choose what to download by supported Operating System.

The SDK 3.0 packages are provided as ISO images. Download the installer RPM and ISO image(s) you need and follow the install instructions in the IBM SDK for Multicore Acceleration V3.0 Installation Guide. The ISO image contains IBM-owned code and documentation. The GPL and LGPL portions of the SDK are automatically downloaded from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) Web site during install.

The document library is available online or in the /opt/cell/sdk/docs subdirectory of an installed SDK. If you cannot find answers in the document library, please post your question in the Cell/B.E. forum.

05/30/08: License refresh for SDK 3.0 Extras available. An updated license is now available for the Extras package. This license extends the International License Agreement for Early Release of Programs, and it allows users to continue to evaluate the content provided in the Extras package.

04/30/08: Fixpack available. Go to the Fix Support section of the Support tab and click on Fix Central. (You might also want to take a look at the updated reference documents "Monte Carlo Library API Reference," "Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms Programmer's Guide and API Reference," and "LAPACK - Linear Algebra Package Library Programmer's Guide and API Reference.")

Fedora 7

The SDK 3.0 Developer package, Extras package, and Extras license refresh can be downloaded from the Fedora 7 download page.

Note that the early release of SDK 3.0 should be uninstalled before installing the SDK 3.0 Fedora 7 packages.

RHEL 5.1

The SDK 3.0 Developer package, Extras package, and Extras license refresh can be downloaded from the RHEL5.1 download page.

The SDK 3.0 Product package can be downloaded from the IBM Passport Advantage tool. Service for this product will be available from Fix Central —select the QS Blade product family.

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