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Explore Cell/B.E.-related downloads from the following IBM partners:

Allinea Software
Cmpware Inc. Software
Mercury Computer Systems Inc.
Terra Soft Solutions

Allinea Software

Allinea Software offers a suite of integrated products for parallel and high performance computing, including the Distributed Debugging Tool (DDT) and Optimization and Profiling Tool (OPT) for developers of large-scale scalar and parallel applications. The company is a spin-off of Streamline Computing, the leading UK provider of cluster supercomputer systems and software. Allinea was formed to exploit and evolve the technologies that Streamline has been developing.

The Allinea Distributed Debugging Tool (DDT) , used to debug Fortran/C/C++ MPI applications running in large clusters, is designed for large scale multi-threaded parallel applications. It interfaces with and extends standard GNU-gdb. DDT is a comprehensive graphical debugger designed for the complex task of debugging parallel code; it possesses an intuitive graphical interface that delivers a common interface for every compiler, language, and MPI distribution.
[Datasheet | Download]

The Allinea Optimization and Profiling Tool (OPT) , a companion product to DDT, is a grid-capable profiling tool that allows secure and easy profiling.
[Whitepaper | Datasheet | Download]

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Cmpware Inc.

Cmpware Inc. ("Tools for configurable multiprocessing") offers a pioneering, Eclipse-based software development toolkit for multicore multiprocessing that provides a fast and accurate simulation environment for ASICs, SoCs, and FPGAs which use more than one microprocessor core.

The Cmpware Configurable Multiprocessor Development Kit (CMP-DK) is a tightly integrated development environment for multicore processors that consists of two components:

  • The first component rapidly builds high-performance simulation models of multicore systems. The processor core elements can be built in as little as a few hours for custom designs or can come from the company's library of popular architectures.
  • The second component of the CMP-DK uses the multicore/multiprocessor models to create a customized Eclipse-based IDE for software development.

This IDE features a debugger-like interface specially designed to support multicore software development. Software produced from standard compilers and other development tools can be run on the multicore simulation models in much the same way they are run on actual hardware. Processor simulation models for MIPS32, PowerPC, SPARC-8 (LEON), ARC 700, Tensilica Extensa, Cell/B.E., Xilinx MicroBlaze, Altera NIOS, Lattice LatticeMicro32, and others are available as standard components with the latest version of the Cmpware CMP-DK.
[Download demo versions | Documentation | Datasheet]

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Gedae programming software is designed to simplify the complexities of programming signal and data processing applications, especially for multicore environments. IBM and Gedae have formed a powerful alliance to address the challenges associated with programming multicore processors.

Gedae Software Development Tool V5.3 is a productivity enhancing software development environment that helps developers build real-world, compute-intense applications on single core, multicore, and multiprocessor targets in one-fifth the time and cost. It combines modeling and building production quality systems into a single IDE. You can quickly prototype, build, and deploy applications such as RADAR, SONAR, communications, image, video, seismic, medical imaging, financial, scientific (like finite element modeling), rendering, and any other compute-intense application. Because the implementation is automated, it's easier to develop applications for advanced hardware architectures; software refreshes become simple and manageable. Gedae's unique multithread compiler builds a multithreaded application, optimizes memory and computation, and implements distribution and concurrency control. It's suite of development tools provide unprecedented observability of the application structure and execution on multithread and multiprocessor targets, including data flow, processor loading, memory layout, and execution dependency. With the tool, you can virtually eliminate the risk of developing software for compute-intense applications and real-time digital systems.
You can see how IBM and Gedae work together in the whitepaper "IBM and Gedae: Providing high performance and simplified development for multicore signal and data processing applications."
[Dev Guide | Compiler Reference | Features | Datasheet | Whitepapers | Downloads]

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Mercury Computer Systems Inc.

Mercury Computer Systems Inc. provides computing systems and software for data-intensive applications that include image processing, signal processing, and visualization. The company possesses years of expertise in algorithm optimization, systems development, and silicon design which it combines with software application knowledge and industry-standard technologies to solve unique computing challenges. Mercury offers component-level and system-level solutions that span hardware, software, silicon IP, services, and systems. Mercury and IBM's Global Engineering Solutions (GES) group jointly develop solutions based on the Cell/B.E. processor. At the recent IBM PartnerWorld conference, IBM announced the winners of the 2007 Beacon Awards and Mercury has been recognized for the development of a coprocessor acceleration system based on the Cell/B.E. processor to be used initially in electronic design automation (EDA) solutions. Mercury offers Cell/B.E.-based systems and boards in a few different form factors. Apart from that, Mercury also offers software to help with the programmability aspect of Cell/B.E. chips as well as scientific libraries. Find out more.

Among the many Cell/B.E.-based Mercury products, you'll find the Mercury MultiCore Plus SDK , a suite of software products specifically designed for next-generation multicore processors. The SDK includes a comprehensive programming framework, highly optimized math libraries, and more. Others include


Board products:

And software:

[Literature | Whitepaper | Demo]

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RapidMind's mission is to allow software developers to continue to focus on their application rather than on the processors -- RapidMind will ensure those applications perform extremely well on the exciting innovations being introduced by processor vendors such as AMD, IBM, Intel, and NVIDIA. The company fills the gap that exists in the programming ecosystem, making you ready to tap the enormous performance benefits of multi-core processors.

RapidMind Development Platform provides a software development platform that allows the developer to use standard C++ programming to easily create high performance and massively parallel applications or extend existing applications to run on high performance processors, including the CPU, GPUs, or the Cell/B.E. processor. Developers are provided a single, simple, and standard way to program which the RapidMind platform then maps onto all available computational resources in a given system. An application can use modules provided by RapidMind (such as the Image Processing Library) or can directly specify its own computations. The RapidMind platform is embedded by the application in order to manage parallel computations so they behave as part of the host application. It also transparently manages massively parallel computations.
[Case Study | Datasheet | Become a Developer]

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Terra Soft Solutions

Since 1999, Terra Soft Solutions has developed Linux for Power, bringing commitment and a depth of experience to its renowned Yellow Dog Linux operating system. In November of 2005, Terra Soft introduced support for the Cell Broadband Engine processor, expanding its Power architecture support to include the full spectrum of Cell/B.E. products from Mercury, IBM, and Sony.

Available through (a secure electronic distribution vehicle and online community), from the TSS Store and using the public mirrors, Yellow Dog Linux is a CentOS/RPM-based operating system that supports the IBM Cell/B.E. SDK. Fully Cell/B.E. integrated, Yellow Dog enables ease of adoption, exact compilation, and execution on the Cell/B.E systems. Terra Soft's Yellow Dog Linux is used in mission-critical environments to process the images generated by interplanetary, exploratory missions; for realtime sonar data on-board Navy submarines; for gene sequence analysis, weather modeling, and nuclear simulations; with both military and commercial flight simulators; and in conjunction with telephony systems.

[More about YDL | Download YDL | Cell/B.E. User Showcase]

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