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Your narrator is IBM® developerWorks Advisory Software Engineer David Salinas: Hello. My name is David Salinas and I work at IBM®. I work on the IBM developerWorks website, supporting the IBM RFE Community. Today's tutorial will be going through how to watch an RFE and also receive notifications for any changes to that RFE that you're watching.

In order to do that, there will be a series of steps that we'll have to go through. First, we'll go to the IBM RFE Community. Then we'll go to our watch list. From there, we're going to go ahead and add an RFE to the watch list so that we can be able to watch it.

Then finally, once we're on the actual watch list page, we're going to make sure that we're opted in for email notifications so that we can receive those automated notifications for any changes to RFEs that we're interested in.

Figure 1. Steps to get notified about RFEs
Steps to get notified about RFEs
Steps to get notified about RFEs

So, to do that, we're going to need the first start by going to the IBM RFE Community. So this is the IBM RFE Community, the general landing page.

Figure 2. The RFE Community
The RFE Community
The RFE Community

Notice that you can clearly see that I am logged in. It's indicated in the upper righthand side, up here, located with my display name being shown. This is our screen name. This is the display name or screen name that's shown next to all my public activity on the IBM RFE Community.

When you're logged in into the IBM RFE Community and you're on the general landing page, there's a section that will pop up that's called My stuff. My stuff allows you to quick view into the IBM RFE Community without any major modifications on your part to dive into the platform to find a particular page.

So in this case, what we'll see under My watchlist ... I'm sorry, My stuff, is that My watchlist is highlighted. In here on the righthand side, in this scrollable section, you'll see all the RFEs that you actually already are currently watching.

So we're going to go ahead and click "View all" and this will take us to the My watchlist page with all the RFEs shown. You'll see here all of these RFEs are already on My watchlist.

Figure 3. My watchlist
My watchlist
My watchlist

We're going to go ahead and remove one of these RFEs that's already in our watch list — its number's 12491. So we're going to click "remove watch." We'll remove the RFE from our record. And now we're one less RFE.

So now I'm going to show you how you go ahead and add an RFE to your watch list in case you want to actually watch it. So in this case we're going to click the Add RFE tab. This will take us to the ability to add an RFE directly on to the community.

So in this case, we know a number. We know the number of the RFE I just removed. So that's the RFE ID radio button that will be selected. We'll need to go ahead and paste in that number which is 12491 into the RFE ID or RATLC number field.

Additionally, you'll then go ahead and click the view headline. What this will do is it will give you the headline of the RFE ID that you typed in as well as the ability to click on that record ... I mean, click on that title to see the record. So we're going to go ahead and do that. That's going to open a new window, and that new window is of the actual RFE record. Notice this is an RFE that I had submitted.

Now, when you're on an individual RFE record, under the RFE section on the righthand side, you can be able to, in the section on the righthand side called RFE actions, when you're actually looking at individual RFE, there's the Add to My watchlist. In this case, if I were to click this, it would allow me to go ahead and add it to my watch list.

I'm going to go ahead and do that really quick. So now that RFE has been added to My watchlist, and it also bumps up the number of people that are watching this RFE under the RFE stats. But additionally, I can quickly remove that RFE from My watchlist as well.

Notice that the binoculars have changed to red. If I were to click on "remove from my watch list," the binoculars are going to go back to blue and the number of people that are watching this RFE are going to decrease by one.

So I'm going to go ahead and close this, because this validates that this is the actually RFE we're interested in. So, instead, we now know that's the RFE we're interested in. So I can then click No category to indicate that I don't want the RFE to be added to a specific category.

Our categories come into play in that you can go ahead and break up your RFEs into particular categories that you decide the name of those categories. So you can have a category for security products, one for installation products and so forth. This allows you to have multiple views of RFEs that exist in your watch list.

In this case I just want to have the RFE added to My watchlist. So I click Add RFE. At this point it's going to go ahead and add that RFE number indicating that it was successfully added to My watchlist. All RFEs that are added to the watch list are automatically added to the bottom of the watch list. And so we see that RFE added to the bottom.

Additionally, I now want to get notification, email notification for any changes to this RFE and all RFEs that are in My watchlist. To be able to do that, I have to opt in for email notifications.

When you're on the My watchlist page, there's a section at the very bottom called subscribe ... I mean, actions. Under the actions section you'll see a link that says, subscribe to email notifications. Once I click that link, I'll be presented with a confirmation, just making sure that I actually do want to receive these email notifications. I'll go ahead and click submit.

And at which point I'll be opted in for email notifications. So if you scroll back down to the action section, you'll notice clearly that I'm now subscribed to those email notifications and I can click on the link if I want to unsubscribe.

What happens is when you're subscribed for email notifications, you'll receive only one email once a day for any changes to the RFEs that, for any changes to any of the RFEs that are in your watch list. If there are no changes to any of those RFEs you won't get an email that day.

But there's multiple changes to multiple RFEs for all the RFEs that are on your watch list. They'll all be consolidated to one single email so that you don't get multiple emails regarding all the RFEs that are on your watch list.

So where does that lead us? That leads us to the conclusion that we've walked through all the steps to be able to successfully watch an RFE and get email notifications for that.

And of course, all of these steps are for us to be successful in our participation on the IBM RFE Community. And in case you don't know the URL to the IBM RFE Community, it's here on this slide.

We hope that by going through this tutorial on how to be able to watch an RFE and receive automated email notifications of changes to those RFEs that this will lead you to be more successful in your collaboration and interaction on the IBM RFE Community. Thank you for your usage of the IBM RFE Community.

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