Ed Mounib on smart healthcare, '09 CIO study


developerWorks: This is a developerWorks podcast. I'm Scott Laningham, here with Ed Mounib, Healthcare Leader with the IBM® Institute for Business Value. Ed is here to talk about "Smarter Healthcare" and the recently released 2009 Global CIO Study. Welcome to the podcast, Ed.

Mounib: Thank you, Scott, it's a pleasure to be here.

developerWorks: Now, what is this new study, Ed? And how does it relate to IBM's [A] Smarter Planet initiative?

Mounib: Well, Scott this is again the 2009 Global CIO Study and this study represents a culmination of months of work and represents input from more than 2,500 CIOs from a dozen industries from around the world. This study also complements the theme of [A] Smart[er] Planet, which is IBM's initiative that focuses on the role of technology in enabling our [A] Smarter Planet vision.

developerWorks: Great. So let's talk a bit about what you all found out, what kind of things you identified in the study.

Mounib: Well, Scott, the CIOs that we surveyed told us they're really balancing three areas of responsibility, those being

  • One, making innovation real;
  • Two, raising the ROI of IT; and
  • Three, how do you expand the impact across the business.

So how do you sort of become that collaborative business leader while still being that inspiring IT manager?

So they have to balance the expectations of their organization, their culture, the kinds of levers, position in the marketplace, while still addressing those three areas of responsibility.

developerWorks: Okay, Ed, so what about putting all of this in context with what's happening across the healthcare industries right now. What do you have to say about that?

Mounib: A great question. So for most of us this is the most difficult economic climate of our professional careers. And healthcare is particularly a complex market and we're all facing very powerful and disruptive market forces. As a result, CIOs in particular are having to help their organizations best position to serve customer[s] and deliver value.

developerWorks: So how will those CIOs then execute on all of this? I mean, what technologies are going to be critical for them?

Mounib: Well, the most popular response was around things like business intelligence and analytics, virtualization, self-service portals, etc. So there are a number of different technologies again, that are at the fingertips of our CIOs as they begin to think about and begin to enable their visions moving forward.

developerWorks: So, Ed, where should people go to learn more about this? Where do you want to point them right now?

Mounib: So if you'd like to learn more about the study or even download the study itself, I invite you to visit our Web site. The Web site is www.ibm.com/voiceofthecio. Again, you can download the full report, as well as gain access to additional supporting assets.

developerWorks: Ed Mounib, Healthcare Leader with the IBM Institute for Business Value. Thanks, Ed, thanks for doing this.

Mounib: It's been a real pleasure, Scott. Thank you.

developerWorks: Again, that's ibm.com/voiceofthecio, voice of the CIO. Also new on developerWorks this week:

and finally

Find it all and much more at ibm.com/developerWorks, IBM's premiere technical resource for software developers with tools, code, and education on IBM products and open standards technology. I'm Scott Laningham.

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