Lotusphere 2010: Tungle, now for Notes


developerWorks: We're here at the Tungle.me pedestal at the Product Showcase. Can you guys tell what you all guys are all about here? This is pretty cool.

Marc Gingras, CEO: Yeah, we're about helping business people meet, so, you know, we make it so simple people won't want to say "I'm scheduling meetings" anymore. They're going to say "Just Tungle.me," and that's why we're calling ourself Tungle.

What we do, you know ... typically people, if they're trying to schedule a meeting with someone, they go through a number of e-mails back and forth to find a right time to meet. And we've found from our research and different analysts' reports that it can take up to 50 minutes to schedule one meeting, even if it's a half-hour meeting. Which doesn't really make sense.

So that's the problem that we're solving. We're doing it very simply: People can go to sign up to Tungle, they go to Tungle.me, they sign up for their free account, it doesn't cost a thing, and then what they do is they pick a URL. For example, mine is tungle.me/mark. So if you go and look at this here, this is my scheduling page. And there, I've customized it with my photo and my profile and so on, my Twitter feed and so on, but the good thing is, I've also customized the times of the day that I actually want people to meet with me.

So you know what? Monday mornings, I'm not in a position to meet people. And Friday afternoons, I'm off to the cottage. And so then I really got to customize the times I want people to meet with me.

The other thing is I've sync'd it with my calendar. So, today we work with Outlook® (with or without Exchange®), Google Calendar, iCal, and Entourage, and now — this is why we're at Lotusphere — we're now supporting Lotus® Notes 8 and above.

So now that you're sync'd with your calendar, what it does is it automatically shows the times that you're available and if you move stuff in your calendar, add events and so on, it takes those times off your calendar. So now when someone wants to meet with me, the only thing I need to do is say "Alright, great, I'd love to meet with you. Go to tungle.me/mark," and I'm done.

The person goes there, they don't need to sign up, we automatically show them the page based on their time zone that they're in and then they pick the times that they want, I get the final say, it puts it in my calendar, and I'm done. That's what Tungle's all about.

So we're not about helping people schedule meetings, we're about making it Tungle.me.

developerWorks: And the URL is ... ?

Gingras: Tungle-dot-me.

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