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Your narrator is IBM developerWorks Quality Assurance Lead Govind Baliga: Hello. My name is Govind Baliga, and I work at IBM for IBM developerWorks website supporting the RFE Community application. In this tutorial, we'll learn about how to vote for requests. To do so, we'll go through a series of steps that involve visiting the IBM RFE Community website, going to search, entering the criteria for search, clicking on the request link to view the details of the request, then adding a vote; and then, finally, going to my votes page to see the voted RFEs.

So, let's just first go to the IBM RFE Community page. We will go and search for the request to vote for. You can provide several criterias to search for by brands, product families, product components, et cetera. I have went in detail in my previous tutorial, but I know exactly which request I want to vote for. So, I'm going to go ahead and search by request ID, which is 40868.

I'll click on search. This will bring the request in the results page. So, from here I'll click on the headline. Once I'm on the view request page, I can review the details of this request to make sure this is the request that I'm interested in voting for.

So, I look at the request stats. So, I see that one person has voted for it, one has commented and three users have added it on their watch list. So, I'll click on the vote link. So, my vote has been added; now you can see one extra vote on the vote statistics. So, this is how you go about searching and voting for an RFP.

Now, if I go to my stuff, and then click on my votes, there are two requests that I have voted for, including the one I recently voted. So, from this page you can also filter by brand to see which particular request that I voted for by brand. I can then download this CSV file if I want to refer to it in a spreadsheet of my choice. I can also subscribe to it as an RSS feed. And if I'm done with this request, I can remove my vote by simply clicking on remove vote link.

Now you can see that vote has been removed for the request ID 40868. And so, all this activity, of course, has happened on the IBM RFE Community. In case you're not familiar with that URL, it's listed for you here.

So we hope that by walking through this tutorial on how to vote for RFEs on that information can be used by IBM as it considers a project enhancement out there to understand which ones the community is most interested in seeing implemented. Thank you for using IBM RFE Community.

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