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Your narrator is IBM developerWorks Quality Assurance Lead Govind Baliga: Hello. My name is Govind Baliga, and I work at IBM. I work on the IBM RFE website supporting the IBM RFE Community. Today's tutorial is about creating a new request on the IBM RFE Community. To do that, we're going to visit the IBM RFE Community first, click submit tab.

Fill out "submit a request form," and then we're going to actually submit the request to IBM. Then we'll proceed to use "e-mail this request" to notify others of the request. And finally, we will opt in for e-mail notifications via watchlist.

So, let's just first go to the IBM community website. To perform any actions on this website, you will first need to sign in. Click on sign in link on the top right corner. Once you have successfully signed in, you will see your display name that will appear on the top right corner.

So the first thing we'll do is click on submit link. This will open submit a request form. We will now enter all the required fields to submit a request. Notice that your submit or display name appears when you have signed in. Your company name will be retrieved from your developerWorks profile.

Next, you'll provide a brief headline. You will then provide the submitter's ranking of priority. To see the list, you can click on the drop-down list and the options are low, medium, high or urgent. To see their definitions, click on their definitions link.

For this purpose, we will select medium. Then we will select a brand. Since we're going to submitting a request against the RFE community website, we will select Rational. Product family will be community, and the product is auto selected as RFE Community, since these are the only options in the drop-down list.

Next, we'll select a component, which is a further categorization of the product. Select overall site. Operating system, we can select other. Visibility is not editable, and it is created by IBM at the time of submitting this request. You can optionally enter a PMR ID if you have one.

Importantly, we will have to enter a detailed description of this request. You'll need to provide as much detail as possible so that IBM can review your request and evaluate further for processing. For this tutorial, we'll select the example and just copy this from the popup page and paste it inside the text box.

Similarly, you'll provide use case, which entails of system, actor and various scenarios. We will also copy this from the list and paste it inside the text box. Optionally, you can provide a business justification. Business justification is a private field, and it's only visible to you as the submitter and also IBM administrators. So, here you can provide why you would like IBM to consider this particular request.

Lastly, you can attach a file as part of this request. You can attach up to four files each no more than, no larger than 10 megabytes in size. Attach a new file. You can choose a file from your desktop. I'll go ahead and select RFE Community tutorial from this list. The attachment can then be applied to description, use case or business justification list.

Visibility can be either public or private. If it's set to public, then it's visible to everyone; if you set it to private, then only you, the person who is attaching the file and the IBM administrators, can view the file attachment. Optionally you can provide a description of this file. Click submit. All file attachments are scanned for viruses.

Once you have uploaded the file, you will see that there's a key icon which indicates that this is a private file attachment. And finally, you will click on submit to actually submit the request to IBM.

Once you have successfully submitted the request, you will now arrive on the view request page. Here you'll notice that an ID has been assigned, once you have submitted the request. One thing worth noting is that you have approximately 24 hours after submission to make changes to the request or delete it.

The reason for this is at the time of submission, you may not have provided sufficient information or you forgot to include a file attachment. So, for this reason, you have up to 24 hours to make any changes to the request. After 24 hours, the request will be in lock state at which point IBM will go in and review the request, evaluate it for further processing.

So, we completed the first step of actually submitting a request. The next part of this tutorial will be to notify others using the "e-mail this request" feature. To do that, visit the request actions module on the request and click e-mail this request. This will open e-mail this request form. Here you will provide the recipient's e-mail address. You can provide a maximum of 20 e-mail addresses, each separated by a comma.

So, for this tutorial, I'll supply a fake e-mail. You can also submit, include supplemental message as part of this feature; and optionally, you can also choose to receive a copy of this e-mail by clicking on this check box.

Click submit. You will now receive a confirmation saying that the request was successfully sent to the specified e-mail addresses. And this is how you e-mail this request and notify others about the IBM RFE Community requests.

The last part of the tutorial will include getting notified as part of my watchlist. To do that, click on my stuff tab. Then click on my watchlist link. On the bottom, you'll see a link to unsubscribe and subscribed. Since I've already subscribed, the see you'll see is unsubscribe. Otherwise, if you have never subscribed to my watchlist you'll see the subscribe link.

So, click on subscribe, and you'll be presented with an overlay requesting your confirmation. Click yes, and now you'll be subscribed to e-mail notification as part of my watch list. But there are several conditions that will trigger e-mail notification which are sent on a daily basis. Any time there is an activity such as if someone comments on a request, if someone attaches a file to their request, if there's a change in status, or if IBM responds to your request. But these conditions will trigger an e-mail notification as part of your my watchlist.

So, we went through the process of submitting a request viewing the request, notifying others about their request, and also getting notified on other requests that are listed in your my watchlist. We hope that by watching this tutorial and learning more about the IBM RFE Community that you will now be interested in participating in the IBM RFE Community and collaborating with your peers and with IBM for your ideas on IBM products and services. Thank you for your time.

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