Use SQL-like languages for the MapReduce framework

Make Hadoop more accessible with high-level declarative interfaces

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Sherif Sakr

Date archived: May 13, 2019 | First published: April 17, 2012

Select the most suitable MapReduce implementation for large scale data analysis jobs based on your skills, preferences, and requirements. MapReduce is a simple and powerful programming model that enables the easy development of scalable parallel applications to process vast amounts of data on large clusters of commodity machines. It isolates the application from the details of running a distributed program. But many programmers are unfamiliar with the MapReduce programming style and prefer to use a SQL-like language to perform their tasks. In this article, read an overview of high-level languages and systems designed to tackle these problems and add declarative interfaces on top of the MapReduce framework.

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ArticleTitle=Use SQL-like languages for the MapReduce framework