Creating mashups on the Google App Engine using Eclipse, Part 3, Using RESTful Web services

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Michael Galpin

Date archived: May 15, 2019 | First published: August 19, 2008

Social networks are making it easier to take data and mash it up to create innovative Web applications. You still, however, must deal with all the usual issues with creating a scalable Web application. Now the Google App Engine (GAE) makes that easier for you. With it, you can forget all about managing pools of application servers, and, instead, you can concentrate on creating a great mashup. In this article, the last of a three-part "Creating mashups on the Google App Engine using Eclipse" series, we will take the application built in the first two parts and further enhance it. We will add the ability to view other users of the app and subscribe to their aggregate feeds. We will then complete the mashup circle by exposing the app as a Web service that can be used by other mashups.

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ArticleTitle=Creating mashups on the Google App Engine using Eclipse, Part 3: Using RESTful Web services