Mobile workforce operational support using Eclipse RCP

Extend the Eclipse platform to support the offline computational needs of field personnel

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Benjamin Lieberman Ph.D.

Date archived: August 31, 2016 | First published: April 21, 2009

The modern workforce is increasingly mobile, with many jobs performed in the field, far from standard workplace tools, such as desk-bound computers and wired networks. Even for more mobile devices, connectivity is limited to wireless accessible areas. Learn about the development of a Mobile Workforce Framework based on the open source Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) for supporting teams who must work in remote areas with limited or no network access. This article focuses on the value of a common open source platform to myriad remote teams, the reduction in paper and travel to perform synchronization, and improved paper-free access to critical information when "off the net." The Mobile Workforce Framework project, also known as Maestro, illustrates how many architectural drivers like synchronization, plug-in functionality, and offline support are met by the using the Eclipse RCP.

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