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Automation, including autonomic computing, leaves enterprise leaders free to focus on managing the business, rather than managing the complexities of new technology. Here, you'll find articles and products that help you create and use self-configuring, self-diagnosing, self-securing, and self-healing applications.

Here, we've gathered an extensive list of the best resources on our sites for learning about automation.

We recommend that you start with the following products, many of which are included with a developerWorks Subscription.
WebSphere Studio
IBM WebSphere Studio is an open comprehensive development environment for building, testing and deploying dynamic on demand e-business applications. Founded on open technologies and built on Eclipse, WebSphere Studio provides a flexible, portal-like integration of multi-language, multi-platform and multi-device application development tools that maximize your productivity, increase ROI and improve overall time to value.
WebSphere Application Server
IBM WebSphere Application Server is a high-performance and extremely scalable transaction engine for dynamic e-business applications. The Open Services Infrastructure allows companies to deploy a core operating environment that works as a reliable foundation capable of handling high volume secure transactions and Web services. WebSphere continues the evolution to a single Web services-enabled, Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) application server and development environment that addresses the essential elements needed for an on demand operating environment.
DB2 Universal Database
DB2 Version 8.1 provides significant automation capabilities including self-configuring, self-optimizing, and self-managing capabilities. DB2 delivers a new Configuration Advisor and Health Center features.
Tivoli Access Manager for Business Integration
IBM Tivoli Access Manager for Business Integration is a multi-platform security management solution for IBM WebSphere MQ that greatly enhances the WebSphere MQ native security environment. It upgrades WebSphere MQís security services to provide application-level data protection for WebSphere MQ-based applications, without the need to modify or even recompile them.
Tivoli Configuration Manager
IBM Tivoli Configuration Manager can help you gain total control over your enterprise software and hardware. Its software distribution module can give you the ability to rapidly and efficiently deploy complex mission-critical applications to multiple locations from a central point. After systems have been deployed, the inventory module lets you automatically scan for and collect hardware and software configuration information from computer systems across your enterprise.
Tivoli Monitoring for Web Infrastructure
IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Web Infrastructure is a critical tool to help ensure the optimal performance and availability of both application servers and the associated Web servers that feed them. It provides a single point of control to enable IT organizations to understand the health of the key elements of a Web-based environment. It allows administrators to quickly identify problems, alert appropriate personnel as required, and offer a means for automated problem correction leveraging IBM best practices. In addition, IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Web Infrastructure provides a real-time view of performance health and feeds a common data warehouse for historical reporting and analysis. Ultimately this tool increases the effectiveness of an IT organization and helps ensure optimal performance and availability of critical Web infrastructure.
Tivoli Storage Manager
IBM Tivoli Storage Manager protects your organizationís data from hardware failures and other errors by storing backup and archive copies of data on offline storage. Scaling to protect hundreds of computers running a dozen OS ranging from laptops to mainframes and connected together via the internet, WANs or LANs, Storage Managerís centralized Web-based management, smart-data-move and store techniques and comprehensive policy-based automation all work together to minimize data protection administration costs and the impact to both computers and networks.
Looking for training that can get you started? We recommend the following.
Autonomic technology - the next step for developers
What's all the buzz about autonomic computing? Want to learn more about IBM's corporate strategy for autonomic computing and Tivoli products that are delivering it today? Interested in networking with IBM specialists and your peers to talk about this emerging business opportunity? If so, don't miss this 1-day technical seminar!
Speed-start Web services
Do you want to learn how to build and deploy Web services using the latest Java-based tools and middleware from IBM that support industry-based open standards? The Speed-start Web services program has everything you need. Get the latest IBM development tools and middleware, provide online training with tutorials and articles, and hands-on workshops and technical briefings in your area. There's even technical support with online forums moderated by IBM Web services experts.
e-business on demand Competitive Technical Briefing
Join the IBM Competitive Technology Laboratory for this full day e-business on demand seminar. Learn what it takes to be an on demand business. See how a flexible e-business infrastructure can enable your business to lower costs, improve productivity and quickly respond to new business opportunities. Get a glimpse of the software support provided by IBM to a broad range of clients, including .NET. Learn how IBM software available today can enable you to work in the on demand environment and give you a competitive advantage.
Developing Solutions for e-business
This tailored curriculum view helps you find the IBM Education courses most applicable to you.
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