HTML5 Canvas

This HTML5 demo focuses on the use of the Canvas API and shows you how to paint a very simple animation.

Grace Walker, IT Consultant, Walker Automated Services

Grace Walker, a partner in Walker Automated Services in Chicago, Illinois, is an IT consultant with a diverse background and broad experience. She has worked in IT as a manager, administrator, programmer, instructor, business analyst, technical analyst, systems analyst, and Web developer in various environments, including telecommunications, education, financial services, and software.

14 September 2011

The HTML5 Canvas API facilitates the development of compelling dynamic content that will help you sell your product, your concept or whatever you wish to promote. Using the manipulation of color, screen location, Canvas gives you the power to create both movement and eye appealing assets. These assets are essential elements, encouraging ongoing dialog between you and your site's visitors. This demo looks at the code required to utilize basic geometric figures on the canvas. The example used in the demo is an animated painting of a small sailboat breezing by a tranquil sky, land, and sea setting.


7 minutes





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