Leveraging IBM Products with On-Demand Training

This video shows how to use the various sites, mediums, and methods IBM Rational is offering to improve your results and experience with our software!

Jason Green (jasongreen@us.ibm.com), Rational Learning Course Developer, IBM

Jason Green PhotoJason Green is an IBM Rational course developer with nine years of software training experience in a range of software products, from enterprise architecture and object modeling software to collaborative application lifecycle management, APM, and OSLC. His expertise is in video learning and accelerated multimedia training. Jason operates multiple YouTube channels for IBM Rational software and consults on multimedia projects across IBM. He currently focuses on the integration of traditional text-based learning formats and the next generation of searchable, indexed video training. Jason has written many articles on the future of electronic learning and continues to research the subject. He resides in the New England region of the US.

03 July 2013

IBM Rational is pleased to present you new ways to improve your experience with IBM Rational software. Perhaps you’d like to learn how to use IBM Rational software more effectively, extract the maximum possible value, integrate your software or run reports to make your results easier to see and understand. Welcome to IBM Rational videos. We have some great channels that you can go to for high quality learning content.


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