Optim Data Tools in PureData System for Transactions : Part 3

This is the three part series video demo for Optim Data Tools in PureData System for Transactions.

Thuan Bui (tqbui@us.ibm.com), Technical Enablement Specialist, IBM

Thuan BuiThuan Bui has worked at IBM for more than 25 years in development, quality assurance, customer support, performance, and management positions in database and data management technology. He currently works on the IBM Optim Solutions Technical Enablement team at Silicon Valley Lab, California.

Lakshmi Palaniappan (laxmi@us.ibm.com), Senior Software Engineer , IBM

LakshmiLakshmi Palaniappan is a Senior Software Engineer at the IBM Silicon Valley Lab in San Jose, CA. She is from the development team for Optim Performance Manager, and is also the development focal for the monitoring tooling in IBM PureSystems. She also leads the Worldwide L3 for Optim Performance Manager Support team. Prior to this, she was the team lead for the Replication tooling. She holds a Master's degree in Comp Science and has more then 15 years of industry experience.

24 October 2013

This demo, Part 3 of the series, drills down into details of some of the dashboards with integration of performance monitoring tools in the Database Performance Monitor.


14 minutes 06 seconds


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SummaryTitle=Optim Data Tools in PureData System for Transactions : Part 3