InfoSphere® Workload Replay for DB2: Capturing, replaying, and analyzing workloads

In this e-learning course you will learn how to use the InfoSphere® Workload Replay web console to capture workloads, prepare them for replay, and then compare and analyze the execution results.

Thuan Bui (, Technical Enablement Specialist, IBM

Thuan BuiThuan Bui has worked at IBM for more than 25 years in development, quality assurance, customer support, performance, and management positions in database and data management technology. He currently works on the IBM Optim Solutions Technical Enablement team at Silicon Valley Lab, California.

Hassi Norlen (, Information Developer, IBM

HassiHassi Norlén leads the information development for InfoSphere Workload Replay, and specializes in up and running documentation and user interface development by using the progressive disclosure methodology. Hassi is an information developer with InfoSphere Optim Data Management Solutions and is based in Washington, DC.

Patrick Titzler (, Technical Enablement Specialist, IBM

PatrickPatrick currently leads technical enablement for InfoSphere Workload Replay for DB2 for z/OS and DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows, guides customers in their product evaluation efforts, and supports best practice deployments.

17 March 2014

IBM® InfoSphere® Optim™ Workload Replay for Linux, UNIX, and Windows lets you replay database production workloads in pre-production environments without the need to set up a complex client and application infrastructure to mirror the production environment. The product provides built-in accuracy and performance reports that lets you determine whether changes to the database server environment will have a positive or negative impact on the workload execution behavior. With InfoSphere Workload Replay you can test and analyze the changes in a representative pre-production environment before you implement the same changes in your production environment. Complete this introductory hands-on eLearning course to learn how you can use the Workload Replay web console to capture a workload, prepare the workload for replaying, replay it, and compare and analyze the execution results.


30 minutes




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