Internet of Things

Internet of Things - July 2017

Identify and prevent threats to your IoT devices, explore NodeMCU and its DEVKIT board, and implement blockchain for cognitive IoT applications.

Internet of Things - June 2017

Learn 7 key concepts and skills for getting started with IoT, choose the best hardware for your next IoT project, and get to know MQTT.

Internet of Things - May 2017

Learn how to create a chatbot to ask a sensor questions, implement IoT event monitoring in an end-to-end IoT solution using an elevator simulator, and find out what Digital Twin is.

Internet of Things - April 2017

Build a cognitive app in just 7 steps, use IBM Data Science Experience to detect time series anomalies, and implement IoT event monitoring in an end-to-end IoT solution.

Internet of Things - January/February 2017

Explore the newly designed Watson IoT Platform Developer Community, implement blockchain for cognitive IoT application, and build your own geofence GUI.

Internet of Things - December 2016

Participate in the IoT Builders Contest on, store and visualize historical IoT data, and build your own programmable cardboard robot.

Internet of Things - October 2016

Integrate IBM PMQ with Watson IoT Platform, connect your house appliances to cognitive systems, and predict the UV index.

Internet of Things - September 2016

Learn how continuous engineering plays a critical role in delivering quality IoT solutions quickly, create a fun game, and integrate Watson IoT with Blockchain.

Internet of Things - August 2016

Control your drone using Watson IoT, connect your car to your home, and see how IoT and blockchain are converging.

Internet of Things - July 2016

Find out how Grush built a smart toothbrush, discover three BIG ways the IoT is impacting the way we experience buildings, and see how big data and analytics could help win a bicycle race.

Internet of Things - June 2016

Watch the instructors of the Coursera course describe an end-to-end cognitive solution, find out the real potential for blockchain developers, and peel back the layers of security in IoT.