Cognitive computing

Cognitive computing - December 2017

Get started with an overview of TensorFlow, apply DevOps-style thinking to cognitive or artificial intelligence systems, and analyze Twitter handles and hashtags for sentiment and content.

Cognitive computing - November 2017

Learn how to add features to a chatbot, understand the crucial role data plays in developing AI and cognitive applications, and explore IBM code patterns.

Cognitive computing - October 2017

Explore the languages of artificial intelligence, find out the most popular deep learning architectures, and take a deeper look at recurrent neural networks.

Cognitive computing - August 2017

Get a deeper look at recurrent neural networks, teach Watson what results to surface, and join the Topcoder Cognitive Community.

Cognitive computing - July 2017

Explore natural language processing, learn the history of artificial intelligence, and create a sports buddy with TJBot and Watson.

Cognitive computing - June 2017

Create a mobile app to provide data analysis, extend your chatbot to return weather information, and develop the cognitive technology skills you need in the Topcoder cognitive community.

Cognitive computing - May 2017

Explore the news and gather insights using Watson Discovery, hear three IBM experts explain how Watson learns, and build apps that use Watson services.

Cognitive computing - April 2017

Import our workspace and create your own bot, watch an interactive Watson Discovery demo, and get a broad introduction to machine learning.

Cognitive computing - January/February 2017

Learn about the launch of our new Topcoder Cognitive Community, deploy a cognitive chatbot in 4 steps, and join the IBM Insights Forum.