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Autores do Blog:  Valerie Skinner   is part of the IBM developerWorks team, getting to know the real developers who make up the My developerWorks community and exploring the world of social networking. I'm enjoying learning what makes developers tick! I'm very interested in exploring online communities and social media and understanding real world application - how they can help people solve problems and work together.

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1 hardstep comentou às Link permanente

Can we see some good working examples of CMS please ?. <br /> This is a very exciting service - but really lacking in good documentation, education and working examples !.

2 pointyhair comentou às Link permanente

Hi hardstep, <br /> There are some samples with the product that might help. Run the IBM Cognos 8.4.1 SDK install to get the Cognos Mashup Service samples and documentation. Note that running this install has no other affect on CMS. <br /> Also, please visit the C^3 developer community located here: <br /> You can read some blog postings from me and the CMS development and support teams, which in some cases include a working example. You can respond to postings with questions, or find links to other resources that may help (like the IBM Cognos SDK forum) . We would really like to hear about what customers are doing with CMS (as much as they can share), and I look forward to seeing your questions there.

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