Valerie Skinner

Blog Authors:  Valerie Skinner   is part of the IBM developerWorks team, getting to know the real developers who make up the My developerWorks community and exploring the world of social networking. I'm enjoying learning what makes developers tick! I'm very interested in exploring online communities and social media and understanding real world application - how they can help people solve problems and work together.

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Comments (6)

1 bobleah commented Permalink

Great to get to know Hazem! Thanks!

2 JayAllen commented Permalink

Looking forward to reading your article on dW.

3 mullerj commented Trackback

Thank you Hazem Saleh for being a developerWorks advocate and active contributor. It was nice to see developerWorks listed as one of your favorite websites!

4 SumaChakrabarti commented Trackback

Hi Val, you are doing a great job, introducing people to community. I wonder if I can take the privilege of interviewing, though I am not that good at that ;) .. But definitely I will :)

5 SumaChakrabarti commented Permalink

Oops !! I missed a major word in my prev comment and thats "YOU" :) Thanks to my excitement after experiencing new My dW :) <div>&nbsp;</div> I meant I would love to interview you Val.

6 Zaprogrammer commented Permalink

Really nice Hatem , I knew u b4 from your work on CAPTHA , &amp; good to knw more about u. Good Luck in ur life isA.

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