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Autores do Blog:  Valerie Skinner   is part of the IBM developerWorks team, getting to know the real developers who make up the My developerWorks community and exploring the world of social networking. I'm enjoying learning what makes developers tick! I'm very interested in exploring online communities and social media and understanding real world application - how they can help people solve problems and work together.

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1 bobleah comentou às Link permanente

Our own David! One of the key individuals that made My dW a reality... and a Trekkie to boot! I am surprised that assembling my home office computer chair did not make the "What project are you most proud of?" list... perhaps I need to come up with a larger and more grandiose project for David's next trip to RTP! :-)

2 thartric comentou às Link permanente

Great interview. The only thing better than reading about David Salinas is having the opportunity to work with him.

3 David_Salinas comentou às Link permanente

@bobleah: Hahahaha.... the home office chair was only a challenge because you wanted to put the seat in the wrong direction. :) I am sort of scared to what you may devise next for a project once I am in RTP. Guess I will find out soon. <div>&nbsp;</div> @thartric: THANKS Tom, you are generous with your kind words.

4 jgerber comentou às Link permanente

David's a great contact to have on your contact list, esp when you need technical advice late at night. he always seems to be online when everyone else has logged off for the day.

5 JayAllen comentou às Link permanente

What no Battlestar Galactica mention? <div>&nbsp;</div> Firefly was the best series nobody ever heard of. Catch Serenity which is the best sci fi movie nobody watched. <div>&nbsp;</div> I read pretty much everything Asimov wrote when I was in HS. The guy was a machine.

6 Jeffj2 comentou às Link permanente

Great interview! Fantastic getting to know the David behind the scenes. For the technology, I thought you would be asking for a Carrier Pigeon, rather than VoIP.<div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for all that you do for My developerWorks and the team.<br /> Jeff

7 mullerj comentou às Link de Retorno

Great advice for students and professionals. I especially liked your advice that applied, whether your in the IT industry or not (saving money, develop communication skills). I am a big Sci-Fi fan too. While I do not keep all the books I have read, I try to keep the books I have really enjoyed, so that I can read them again as my memory fades with old age and so I can share them with my kids. Ender's Game is one of those books on my shelf ... I plan on reading it again some day .. it is a great book .. enjoy it.

8 tshrader comentou às Link permanente

David, you're amazing! Your rich and diverse background gives you great insight to solving today's CS problems.<div>&nbsp;</div> You're right on point about honing your database skills. We are producing more and more data from all kinds of sources that we can't even begin to efficiently categorize or search. Being able to preserve, mine, and identify relationships in these vast data mountains will be an essential skill for the future.<div>&nbsp;</div> But I'm stunned. You would pick Star Trek over Star Wars!?! John Williams' score and symphony alone would clobber the combined Federation and Klingon fleets and leave them adrift in the Mutara nebula. At least you're an RTS gamer. There is still hope for you! :-)<div>&nbsp;</div> Great interview, Valerie!

9 annebev comentou às Link permanente

David is a project manager's dream as a great technical lead. He is very thorough and detailed and I hope he can really type because he documents everything. He gets the action going and keeps it going in every meeting. He never procrastinates to get done what needs to be done. And he's very reliable unless he's sleeping, which is seldom. He's definitely missed if he can't attend a meeting. Where's David? Check out his profile.

10 robinlangford comentou às Link permanente

Super interview, Valerie! David, I'm certain you're the first person I've ever heard compare the IT field with political science, and I certainly never expected to hear John Stuart Mill mentioned here on My developerWorks. Your remark made me curious enough to go look him up again and read the opening of his essay On Liberty. Not many people can send me back to the history books. Great post!

11 David_Salinas comentou às Link permanente

DISCLAIMER: I nor Valerie scripted nor instructed the postings for those that are curious. With that said, I am genuinely flattered at the kind posts. <div>&nbsp;</div> @jgerber: Thanks. I will watchout for future inquiries.<div>&nbsp;</div> @jayallen: BSG (Battlestar Galactica) would be a close 2nd but Star Trek is still the emotional favorite. <br /> On Firefly, I think you are right. Interestingly, I think if Gene Roddenberry had presented Firefly (instead of Star Trek) when he first went to the tv execs... it would have been immediately understood and accepted since execs (at the time) were looking for westerns. As such, I think Firefly is an anachronism in that respect. Looking forward to watching Serenity. Thanks.<div>&nbsp;</div> @Jeffj2: Hahah... for those interested, Jeff is referring to this interesting article (pigeon vs broadband):<br /><br />

12 David_Salinas comentou às Link permanente

@mullerj: Thanks, I wanted to read the original book that offered the 3 laws (of Robotics) where first mentioned and developed.<div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> @tshrader: Williams' score is one of the redeeming virtues of Star Wars. And, if I may, I think Star Trek would slaughter Star Wars in a head to head much like the Borg did at Wolf 359. Thanks.<div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> @akb: Thanks... I like challenges and there is always room for improvement. <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> @rlangfor: Thanks. One of my favorite quotes from that book (On Liberty) I think reflects what we are trying to do at dW and, particularily, with My dW:<br /> "But the peculiar evil of silencing the expression of an opinion is, that it is robbing the human race; posterity as well as the existing generation; those who dissent from the opinion, still more than those who hold it. <div>&nbsp;</div> If the opinion is right, they are deprived of the opportunity of exchanging error for truth: if wrong, they lose, what is almost as great a benefit, the clearer perception and livelier impression of truth, produced by its collision with error."<div>&nbsp;</div>

13 turbotodd comentou às Link permanente

Great interview, Val, and thanks for letting us inside the real Mr. Salinas, David. I learned a lot! Looking forward to more pub podcast recording sessions at the next SXSW!

14 Torpedo comentou às Link permanente

Bravo!<div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for the interview!<div>&nbsp;</div> Torpedo<br /> <a href="" rel="nofollow">Torpedo Gratis</a>

15 Jamesco comentou às Link de Retorno

Valerie, great job in unmasking the oh so cool Mr. David of the superheroes behind the My developerWorks curtain. <div>&nbsp;</div> I agree with David, the phone, which continuously brings us back to our fundamental need to simply talk to one another, is the by far our greatest technological necessity.

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