Valerie Skinner

Blog Authors:  Valerie Skinner   is part of the IBM developerWorks team, getting to know the real developers who make up the My developerWorks community and exploring the world of social networking. I'm enjoying learning what makes developers tick! I'm very interested in exploring online communities and social media and understanding real world application - how they can help people solve problems and work together.

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1 bobleah commented Permalink

For the geek that has everything... how about the "Build your own Stonehenge" kit -->

2 Loiane commented Permalink

OMG! <br /> I loved your ideas <br /> I 'asked' my husband to give me Battlestar Galactica boxset! lol I Love this series! <div>&nbsp;</div> You can add to your list: <br /> Star Wars - all the 6 films - or something related to SW (books, etc); <div>&nbsp;</div> For geek girls: FOLLOW ME twitter TATTOO knee-high socks -;ref=sr_gallery_1&amp;&amp;ga_search_query=twitter&amp;ga_search_type=handmade&amp;ga_page=3&amp;includes[]=tags&amp;includes[]=title <div>&nbsp;</div> Anything from <div>&nbsp;</div> Happy holidays and I hope you get something nice and geek from Santa! <br /> =D

3 Jeffj2 commented Permalink

My vote would be for the Verizon Mifi card. You can build your own wireless network connecting up to 5 devices while travelling down the road. (Theorhetically, someone else should be driving while you are using the card and devices).

4 vskinner commented Permalink

Loiane - Fun ideas! <div>&nbsp;</div> Jeff - Wow, up to 5 devices. That's cool! I could use that when I go visit the family ranch out in the country.

5 2021 commented Permalink

my best friend is getting me the chocolate covered coffee beans I love coffee!! great idea thanks

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