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Enjoyed the post and the dW article. There is undoubtedly a need to be as pragmatic as possible about data given the vast amounts and rapid change - the ability to respond rapidly to changing structure seems key.

Have you run across this article by Tim Hanis and Dave Noller -
They compare contrast relational, hierarchical and NoSQL (e.g. RDF) models. From the article "A critical point [in RDF] is the relations are part of the data, not part of the database structure".
Also on a similar note - check out Jeff Jonas's blog:
Good article on the idea of no single version of truth ... multiple versions of truth in data.
I feel the transition from the relational/structured mindset to looking beyond that is in many ways as difficult as the transition from procedural programming (eg COBOL) to OO must have been. The transition requires a completely different mindset ...

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Thanks for your comments and your pointers to related information on this topic. Coincidentally, I have become aware of the article by Tim Hanis and Dave Noller a couple of days ago. Now I have a printed copy on my desk, ready for reading....!

I agree with your statement that moving from traditional relational models to more flexible structures (such as XML or JSON or RDF) requires a major shift of mindset. I have observed that people who have been entrenched in the relational data model for many years sometimes have a hard time with that.

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