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1 localhost commented Permalink

Just a random internal factoid. Internally there's an extra layer between the Eclipse SDK and RAD (I'm not familiar with the WAS Toolkit) that we call the IBM Eclipse SDK (IES). This is basically a configuration of the base Eclipse SDK with some standard Eclipse.org extensions like EMF and (I think) some standard IBM extensions like the product updater. This allows for a base platform more powerful than Eclipse, but not humongously massive.

2 localhost commented Permalink

Maybe I'm wrong but if you enable all feature of WID, I don't see any different capabilities between it and RAD.

3 localhost commented Permalink

I have RAD7 installed but now WID6 claims that it can't install because the wrong version of RAD is present. Any suggestions?

4 localhost commented Permalink

I am a test manager working on a client project which is making use of ESB, ASTK, WID 6 etc. The developers are making use of specific tools for there unit testing etc. Are there any tools avialable in all of this which I can make use of in an integrated environment for system testing? Instead of getting test tools specifically written!

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