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I think you are right. There is a huge gap between scientists and the applicators of the science. It's because the application of since may follow an informal way and people usually get things done by practice, they do not look at the science at all. Being that far from the science itself time by time by time makes people have difficulty understanding science and hence understanding the very basic definition such as what does scientific theory means.

To help improve this, no extra efforts needed from the scientists side; thankfully, scientists did their role and invented to us things and brought to us science. What is the left is for all institutions to take a scientific approach thus obliging the people it contains to follow science. The law here we need is the law of "Follow science or else no place for you" that shall be adopted by organizations/institutions/companies. By this, anyone wants to be a candidate for a place will have no way but being scientifically knowledgeable as like as being technically or application-wise proficient.

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What does this have to do with J2EE? Anyway

Theory's come in all shapes and sizes. I would consider evolution for example to be the biggest joke in history. The fossil record Darwin hoped for never happened. The missing link is still missing, let alone the million of in between forms that would have to be found to sustain the theory. There is no huge body of evidence and the theory keeps changing.Carbon dating is not full proof and at best starts to fall apart after 1000's of years. Fossils in museums are constructed based on finding a single tooth, or leg. Nebraska Man was constructed from a Single Tooth which later turned out to be an instinct pig, yet it remains in our science books.
There is very little science to evolution. Yet school books talk of it like fact instead of theory. So why should I accept a crazy theory like that as intelligent.
In general, this posting seems very bias and one sided.

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I think the biggest problem (other than buffoons like Unknown here) is that the word "hypothesis" is too long to be generally acceptable. I try to use it when appropriate, but it's not as accessible.

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