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Vital Bobby Woolf "Office" statistics:

- Months borrowed Bill Higgins' BBC "The Office" DVDs: 12- Hours spent watching Bill Higgins' Office DVDs: 0

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This is cool as I have been working with a David Brent lookalike, Tim Oliver, and over the last week have noticed my videos on http://www.youtube.com Sky Rocket.

Until tonight, when a friend mentioned the Microsoft training videos, I could not work out why in the last week I have had over 1500 people download/view one of my videos. I have also now put the videos I did on http://www.cosmic1.com and they have well pushed up my bandwidth.
It's all cool and good news for Tim Oliver - David Brent lookalike - although he has been so busy he chooses to avoid calling me to thank me for spending hours editing video just to promote him. Not a ******* word of thanks from him. Boy has he got so into character. He is just like a real life David Brent unfortunately.

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