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I read a very revealing Star Wars article in a recent Entertainment Weekly.Basically, when Lucas wrote the original backstory in 1973 or so, it was too big, so he split it into two halves. The first half dealt with Anakin's fall to the dark side, the fall of the republic, and the rise of the Empire and the Emperor. The second half dealt with the rebellion and the fall of the Empire.So obviously this became the two trilogies. He did the second story first, because it was more exciting.But the really interesting point, which may explain why Episode III was so good and Episodes I and II were lacking was this: for the part of the original story that became the first trilogy, 60% of that story shows up in Episode III. Do the math and you'll see that this only left 40% of the story to split between Episodes I and II. What does this mean? A lot of time to fill in Episodes I and II.Me, I likes all six movies. Some were better than others, but they were all very special and should be viewed as one whole, not as six parts.

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Let me just also add that I don't normally read Entertainment Weekly; I only glance at issues that have Star Wars on the cover.Honestly.

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