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All this test environment stuff in RAD6 is pretty unclear. What i wanna achieve is not running my project in a WAS 5.1 test server but only creating an EAR project with target Server "WAS 5.1".

I have all the stub servers in my RAD "installed server runtimes" but when being inside the EAR project properties, i can only select WAS 6. Where are all the preconfigured stubs? I suppose this to be a bug and this even i installed all updates yesterday.
Is there any way it can happen that the installed runtimes dont appear in the "target server" dialog in the project properties?

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One more thing. Whats the best public or IBM support chanel for RAD issues?


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Marc -- Sorry for the difficulties you're having. I don't always have the time and experience to answer such detailed questions, so as you suggest, it would be better for you to go through "official" IBM channels.

I document these on my wiki. Please see:-- http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/wikis/display/woolf/Rational+Application+Developer-- http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/wikis/display/woolf/IBM+Software+Support
The first page lists the link to the developerWorks forum, where you can post your questions and seek help from other RAD users. The second page lists tips on how to work with IBM Support (most of which is still some blog postings I wrote a while back). I hope you find this helpful. -- Bobby

4 localhost commented Permalink

Marc- you should be able to select WAS v5.1 stub.

The only case that that comes to mind is the J2EE Level of the EAR project. WAS v5.1 supports J2EE 1.3 and 1.2 NOT "J2EE 1.4", if the EAR project is 1.4 then the only option displayed will be the WAS v6 server.
As Bobby had suggested, for detailed questions it would be good to use the "official" Support channels.
I hope you find the information helpful.

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